Slay: Prop S Money Helped Pay $400 Million Police, Fire PensionsSt. Louis Mayor Francis Slay was on the Mark Reardon show Tuesday to talk about where the money from a 2008 tax revenue went.
500 Illinois State Troopers Missed PaydayA spokesman for the comptroller's office attributed the problem to employees on direct deposit having changed banks recently.
Illinois Justices Overturn State's Landmark 2013 Pension Law Illinois Supreme Court on Friday struck down a 2013 law that sought to fix the nation's worst government-employee pension crisis, a ruling that forces the state to find another way to overcome a massive budget deficit.
Illinois Lawmakers OK Plan to Fix $100B Pension CrisisThe House voted 62-53 in favor of the plan, sending it to Gov. Pat Quinn, who has said he will sign it. The Senate approved the measure 30-24 just minutes earlier.
Illinois Lawmakers Scramble to Digest Pension BillA growing chorus of conservatives made statements in opposition to the proposal they say is being rushed through. A draft of the 325-page legislation was distributed Sunday and Monday.
Illinois Legislators Reach Pension DealAfter more than five months of work, Illinois' legislative leaders announced Wednesday they've reached a deal to help solve the state's $100 billion pension problem, considered the nation's worst.
Illinois Gov Tries to Stop Lawmakers Pay Until Pension Crisis is FixedGov. Pat Quinn said he would use his line-item veto power in a budget bill that's on his desk, also vowing to not accept a salary himself until a compromise has been agreed.
Illinois Ends Fiscal Year $6.1 billion In RedRepublican Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka warned that Illinois' spring influx in unanticipated tax revenue will be short lived because of the state's unresolved pension problem.
Illinois House Speaker Plans New Vote on Pension PlanMichael Madigan is planning a fresh vote on his plan to overhaul the public-employee pension system, despite a request by the governor.
Slow Movement on Answer to Illinois Pension CrisisWith just three days to go, lawmakers are inching along on a solution to Illinois' nearly $100 billion pension crisis
Illinois Senate Committee Approves 2 Pension ProposalsTwo somewhat similar pension proposals moved out of a top committee Wednesday in hopes of generating momentum on addressing Illinois' worst-in-the-nation pension problem.
Illinois House Committee OKs Pension CommissionIllinois Gov. Pat Quinn is dumping attempts at compromise on public-pension reform and is proposing a commission recommend fixes to $96 billion that would become law unless the Legislature rejects it.
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