Repeated and controlled injections of bee, snake and scorpion venom are buzzing as a new cancer-fighting treatment in which “useful” venom can target malignant cells and block tumor growth. Photo: PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images

Honey Bee Deaths Rise Throughout Illinois

There has been a sharp rise of honey bee deaths in Illinois, but there are steps that local governments may be able to take to reverse that trend.



Scientists Suggest Sound as Possible Alternative to Pesticides

University of Missouri scientists suggest that one day we may be able to use sound, rather than pesticides, to protect plants from harm.


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Home Air Quality: Are Americans Suffocating Themselves?

The EPA now considers poor indoor air quality to be a top risk to public health.


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Warm Weather Means More Bugs

An MU researcher says the bug bites and allergens are starting about two to three weeks ahead of schedule this year.


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Study: People Will Pay Extra for U.S. Made Products

Consumers were willing to pay up to $5 more for a $30 cotton shirt produced sustainably in the U.S.



Orange Prices On The Rise

That glass of orange juice is costing you more.

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