Police Chief Tim Fitch

Republican Dave Spence defends his nomination to St. Louis County Police Board.

Oops — Spence Leaves Voicemail for Sansone on Fitch’s Phone

The nominee for St. Louis County Police Board Chairman gives a sympathetic call to the former chairman, predicting he will be cleared in an ongoing FBI investigation.


Drop in County Heroin Deaths

A year after KMOX News took you inside the lives of heroin addicts, officials say the epidemic has eased.


Photo: KMOX

Crime Crackdown Pays Off for Jennings

The crime stats for the city of Jennings are out and Police Chief Tim Fitch says that crime in 2011 dropped 13 percent compared to 2010.



No Let-Up in Heroin OD Deaths

More than 40 overdose deaths since Jan in St. Louis County


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