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Allergy Season Wears Out its Welcome in St. Louis

A local allergist gives advice to those who suffer from severe allergies during these months.



Charlie Brennan – Wednesday, May 7th – Mayor Bob Nation, Mo. State Rep. Keith English, Mike Shannon, Kyle McClellan

Charlie and Debbie talk with Andy Grammer, Chesterfield Mayor Bob Nation, Mo. State Rep. Keith English and Entrepreneur Jolijt Tamanaha; and Charlie talks with Mike Shannon, Kyle McClellan, Author Martin Goldsmith and STL Allergist Dr. Ray Davis.


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How Bad Will the Spring Allergy Season Be?

SLU Care allergist Dr. Mark Dykewicz says it’s hard to tell just how bad the allergy season will be, but there’s plenty of activity already underway.


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Nose Numb And Leaky? Could This Be Why?

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The chance for snow is over but, just when it finally seems safe to go outside—something smaller than snow is ready to make us miserable all over again. Health officials say tree […]