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Bosnian Immigrants Plead Not Guilty in Terror Financing Case

An immigrant couple from Bosnia pleaded not guilty Wednesday to federal charges of funneling money and military supplies to extremist groups in Iraq and Syria.


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Postal Service Braces for Busiest Mailing Day

The U.S. Postal Service is bracing for its yearly rush.


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False Charges, Reprisals Against Post Office Worker Prompts Anti-Retaliation Lawsuit

The U.S. Department of Labor has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Postal Service on behalf of a maintenance employee.


Postal Workers Rally, March To Protest Staples Deal

Say contract stores don’t work well. Fear it’s a step toward privatization.


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Mold Closes Two St. Clair County Post Offices

The Postal Service confirmed Tuesday morning that the Alorton and Cahokia buildings are on emergency suspension. The owners of the buildings are being contacted to clean up the mold.



St. Louis Ranks 9th in Dog Attacks On Letter Carriers

The US Postal Service says in 2011, there were 32 dog attacks on letter carriers in St. Louis, enough to rank it 9th in the nation.


An empty US Post Office in downtown St. Louis.

Postage Stamp Price To Raise To 45 Cents

It will soon cost 45 cents to send a letter.


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Busiest Mailing Day of the Year

Time is running out to ship those packages.


Postal Service Safety Coordinator Richard Thurman

Letter Carriers Fear Packs of St. Louis’ Stray Dogs

St. Louis had 39 dog attacks in each of the last two years, which ranks the city as fifth dangerous in the nation.


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Postal Service Plans Job Cuts

The plan would eliminate 120,000 jobs through 2015, but still needs congressional approval.



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