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Abortion and Teen Pregnancy Numbers Drop in Illinois

In Illinois, more than 40,000 pregnancies were ended surgically in 2013, down about 2.5 percent compared to 2010.


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Supreme Court Justices Hear Pregnancy Discrimination Case

A pregnancy discrimination case is in front of the Supreme Court and its outcome could affect women across the country. A former UPS worker says she was forced into taking unpaid leave when she became pregnant.


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Study: Do Healthy Women Need an Annual Pelvic Exam?

A common part of every woman’s yearly check up might be doing more harm than good.


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Study: Baby Aspirin Lowers Risk of Pre-Eclampsia in Pregnant Women

The dangerous condition is characterized by high blood pressure and excessive protein levels in urine during pregnancy.


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The Biggest Pregnancy Myths Debunked by Expert Linda Geddes

Simon & Schuster author Linda Geddes explores and debunks common baby and pregnancy myths here.


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Wash. U Study Provides Reassurance To Older Mothers

According to a new Washington University study, there is hope for older mothers-to-be without experiencing congenital malformations.


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Local OB-GYN: No Threat From Dental X-Rays

In fact, Scott Williams at the SSM Medical Group says you could receive 50,000 shielded dental x-rays during a pregnancy before causing any harm.


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Missouri Teen Birth Rate Falls Again

The teen birth rate has been falling since 1991. Teen births in Missouri last year totaled nearly 6,400, compared to nearly 7,000 the year before.


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CDC: Number of C-Sections No Longer Increasing

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the number of C-sections have halted and women, who are having the procedure, are waiting till they are closer to the due date.


SLU Study Recommends Losing Weight Between Pregnancies

Women who lost weight between their pregnancies had a lower risk of having a large baby in the subsequent pregnancy, making the child less susceptible to some diseases.



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