Prescription drug

Jeremy Quate, Photo courtesy of St. Louis County Police Department

Flordell Hills Police Officer Faces Drug Charges

Jeremy Quate was found to be in possession of the prescription drug alprazolam with no prescription.


Photo: Getty/Justin Sullivan

Illinois Joins Network to Track Prescription Drug Use

An Illinois medicine-monitoring program has joined a national data-sharing network to help prevent prescription drug abuse.


Photo: Getty/Justin Sullivan

Fillibuster Successfully Blocks Prescription Drug Database

The result is that Missouri will remain one of just two states lacking the authorization for a prescription drug database.


Illinois Senator Joins Fight Against Prescription Drug Abuse

The legislation targets doctors, clinics and pharmacies that prescribe or dispense prescription narcotics inappropriately.


File photo of pills

Prescription Drug Drop Off this Weekend

Properly disposing drugs will reduce prescription drug abuse and help the environment.


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