Missouri and Illinois Lice Grow Immune to Common TreatmentsA SIUE Biology professor says in 25 states lice have evolved and need stronger treatments methods.
SLU Professor Searches for a Less Addictive Pain KillerDr. Daniel Salvemini was awarded nearly $400 thousand to continue her research.
Clayton Police Expected Make Announcement About Schweich's SuicideUMSL Political Science professor Dave Robertson says Conservative Gubernatorial candidate Catherine Hanaway could be hurt if police announce it was negative campaign tactics that pushed Schweich over the edge.
MU Law Professor Involved in Hobby Lobby Case An associate professor at the University of Missouri School of Law is involved in a case that goes before the U.S. Supreme Court this week.
Overnight America: August 19, 2013 - Joe Nickell, Jeffery Richelson
Drought Could Make Corn Dangerous, Even Deadly, For LivestockNitrate buildup can be lethal to farm animals.
Wash U. Professor Leads Effort to Rewrite Way Science is Taught in U.S. ClassroomsMichael Wysession Ph.D heads up group formulating national standards for science education.
MU Prof: Red Light Cameras Save LivesCarlos Sun also says they increase compliance with traffic laws.

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