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Concerns Raised Over Pending Missouri Executions

“This is an experiment with a human subject,” Dieter said Thursday. “This will be sort of a brute force approach where you give them enough and they die.”


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Makers of Propofol Ban Drug for Use in U.S. Executions

The maker of Missouri’s new execution drug, is pulling it off the market.


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Mo Supreme Court Refuses to Set Execution Dates

ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)–The Missouri Supreme Court rules its “premature” to set execution dates in several death penalty cases — until disputes over the new lethal drug protocol can be resolved. Among the six cases put on hold […]


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19 Missouri Death Row Inmates Awaiting High Court Ruling

Missouri Attorney General Koster filed orders in six cases asking inmates to “show cause” why they shouldn’t be executed.


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Death Row Attorneys Raise Concerns over Propofol

Chris Koster last month asked the Missouri Supreme Court to set execution dates for up to 19 condemned men.


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Missouri Uses Drug that Killed Michael Jackson in its Executions

The Missouri Department of Corrections announced the switch was switching from its longstanding three-drug method to use of a single drug, propofol.



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