Racial profiling


Activist Warns Fed Panel That Warm Weather May Reignite Ferguson Violence: ‘We’re Not Ready’

A community outreach leader warned the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights that warm weather may spark more street violence stemming from lingering anger over racial profiling and police shootings.


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Missouri Police Stopping Blacks More Than Whites

Koster says this year’s report continues a “disturbing trend” in Missouri.


Chiefs WR Dwane Bowe says he was profiled during his November arrest on drug possession. (Getty Images)

Dwayne Bowe Says He Was Profiled During November Arrest

Police say Bowe was pulled over for speeding when marijuana was found in his vehicle.


3/23/12-About 200 marchers followed Mo. State Rep. Jamilah Nasheed and St. Louis Board of Aldermen president Lewis Reed from St. Louis city hall down Market St. Friday morning, shouting "No justice, no peace!". They're responding to the death of Trayvon Martin in Florida, calling on alleged shooter George Zimmerman to be arrested and charged in Martin's fatal shooting. (KMOX/Brett Blume)

Trayvon Martin Rally: Downtown St. Louis, East St. Louis

A group will be hosting a rally in memory of Trayvon Martin in St. Louis, while a march and rally will also be held in East St. Louis.



NAACP Seeks Federal Investigation in St. Louis County

A lieutenant for St. Louis County is accused of ordering officers to target and arrest blacks in and around St. Louis County.


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Collinsville Tells Teens To Pull Up Their Pants

Critics worry whether rule will lead to racial profiling.


Towns say Traffic Stop Stats Skewed

Ag says departments need to do some “soul searching”


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Hispanics Stopped Less Than White Drivers — Searched More

White motorists found more often with contraband



Group Wants New Racial Profiling Law

90,000 signatures needed.


St. Louis PD's certification is being questioned

  ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — The St. Louis Police Department is under review.


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