Photo posted to Laclede Gas Company's Facebook page.

Laclede Employee’s Personal Truck Creates Social Media Upset

Some residents are reacting to photos of a Laclede Gas Co. employee’s personal truck in the Shaw Neighborhood. Not the truck itself, but the bumper stickers on the back window.


42 teaser

Daughter of Pitcher in ’42’ Says Movie Unfair

Sherrill Ostermueller-Duesterhaus says the movie unfairly characterizes her father as a racist.


church graffiti2

Belleville Church Hit With Racist Graffiti, Property Damage

“My heart is hurt” says church pastor who catches perpetrators in the act.


Maria Chappelle-Nadal

Senator Opposing Local Control “Mentally Unstable”

The state senator opposing legislation to grant local control of the St. Louis Police Department is suffering from mental problems and should step-down.


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