Cigarette Butt Recycling in Downtown St. Louis

About 62 bins have been up for three weeks in downtown St. Louis along Washington Avenue, and they have already collected five pounds of butts.

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What Happens When We Don’t Go Green

From numbers standpoint, the harm done to the planet is quite surprising.


Recycling Bins (Photo Credit: Thinkstock)

Top 5 Earth Day Resolutions

Who says resolutions are solely for New Year’s Eve? This Earth Day, why not try a few new resolutions that can keep planet earth a little happier and healthier.


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Crayola Starts Recycling Program For Markers

125 schools set to participate in program.


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River Cleanup to Uncover 20 Tons of Trash

The Great Mississippi River Cleanup is a 22-city project to help preserve the river, sponsored by Living Lands and Waters.


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