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Red light camera warning sign, downtown St. Louis (KMOX)

Voters Could Weigh In on Red Light Cameras

Supporters of the ban say red light cameras are used by cities to generate revenue, and there is limited evidence on whether they improve safety.


red light camera

St. Peters Mayor Wants Red Light Cameras Ban

St. Peters Mayor Len Pagano wants aldermen to impose a moratorium beginning Monday.


Red Light Camera

St. Peters to Vote on Resolution to Turn Off Red Light Cameras

Mayor Len Pagano is asking Aldermen to suspend the use of the cameras, until the Missouri Supreme Court rules if they’re legal in the state.


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St. Louis’ Use of Red Light Cameras Headed to the Missouri Supreme Court

If city loses , citation money would be returned


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Mo. Supreme Court to Look at Legality of Speed Cameras

The case began with a $124 ticket written to KMOX’s Charlie Brennan in 2012.


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Will St. Charles County Ban Red Light Cameras?

St. Charles County Council will vote to decide if red light cameras should be banned in the county.


Red Light Camera

St. Charles County Measure Could Eliminate Red Light Cameras

St. Charles County councilman Joe Brazil says red light cameras are actually causing more collisions.



House Bill Bars Points on Traffic Camera Tickets

Missouri drivers would not have points assessed against their license for tickets issued by automated traffic cameras under legislation endorsed by the state House.


(Michael Calhoun/KMOX)

Ellisville Kicks Out Red Light Cameras

Council members decided to kill the city’s controversial red light camera program, citing a series of recent court rulings.


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Ellisville Decides Fate of Red Light Cameras

The flash from red light cameras could soon be a thing of the past in Ellisville.



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