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red light cameras

red light camera

Another Ruling Against Red-Light Cameras

For the third time in a little over a month, a Missouri appeals court ruling raises concerns about red-light cameras.



Mo. Appeals Court Red-Light Camera Ruling Contradicts Creve Coeur Case

A Missouri appeals court restricted the use of red light cameras in Ellisville, Missouri, contradicting a ruling handed down in a Creve Coeur case two years ago.


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Brentwood Mayor Wants Red Light Cameras Turned Back On

Mayor Pat Kelly said nothing is set in stone, but he is having the city staff investigate what needs to be done to get a new contract.


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Missouri Appeals Court Upholds Red-Light Cameras in Florissant

The Missouri Court of Appeals on Tuesday handed another victory over to red-light camera advocates, in a case out of Florissant.


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Judge Rules Against Red Light Cameras in St. Louis

State Senator Jim Lembke got a red light ticket and fought back


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TIAM: Red Light Cameras, To Buy Or Not To Buy & Historic Tax Credits

New numbers of red light cameras. Getting answers to tough fiscal questions. Historic tax credits and the city of St. Louis.



TIAM: Red Light Cameras Revisited, The Edward Jones Dome, The Price Of Art & Matt Roush Of TV Guide

Smile! You’re on a legal traffic camera. What to do with the Edward Jones Dome? How much for that painting in the window? Say goodbye to one of the CSI spinoffs.


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A New Bill to Deal with Red Light Cameras

The Missouri House of Representatives passed a bill that would require the Department of Transportation to establish a minimum interval time for yellow lights.


red light camera

Circuit Judge Upholds Red Light Cameras

Creve Coeur City Attorney Carl Lumley says those who are caught driving through a red light are caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and are therefore a hazard and should be punished.”


Attorney’s Advice on Whether to Pay Red Light Camera Fines

Do what you want, if you get a ticket because of a red light camera, says Attorney Russell Waters