Hail, Winds, Possibly Tornadoes May Be Heading to Region

A cold front approaching Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri is expected to bring hail, strong winds and the possibility of tornadoes to the region less than a week after meteorologists reported no tornadoes in the United States thus far in March.


Snow removal crew in downtown St. Louis, December 14, 2013. (KMOX/Brad Choat)

Will Winter Weather Impact Wednesday Rush Hour?

It’s not the amount of snow rolling in today that has the Missouri Department of Transportation worried – it’s the timing.


(UPI/Bill Greenblatt)

Fenton Chrysler Plant Site Has Been Sold

If all goes as planned, it will soon house the Fenton Logistics Park.



New Census Numbers Reveal Wide Disparity In Regional Education Levels

80% of Ladue residents have college degrees, compared to 6.7% in East Alton.


Withered corn during a drought

Sunday’s Rain Fails To Put A Dent In 2012 Drought

9-15 inches behind normal rainfall totals as July comes to a scorching end.



St. Louis SWAT Teams Step Up “Active Shooter Response” Training

Every second counts when a gunman is still on-scene.


(LUIS ROBAYO/AFP/Getty Images)

Large, Sudden Spike In Area Fuel Prices

Pump prices shoot up 20+ cents in one day.


Record-Breaking Heat Wave Hits Southern California

Intense Heat, Humidity + Zero Red Air Quality Days = Cleaner Air?

Lung Assoc. rep: “Maybe all these pollution controls…are making a difference.”


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