Reid Wilson


The Mark Reardon Show – Congressional Dust Up, Tax Rates, The Future of Space Program

Reid Wilson, editor of The Hotline at the National Journal, responds to the controversy between DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Congressman Allen West. Michael Boskin, Economics Professor at Stanford University, tells us why we […]



Total Information PM – U2 at Busch, Debt Limit Talks

Vicky Bryant tells us about the U2 concert at Busch Stadium next weekend and Reid Wilson tells us about the President’s conference on debt limit negotiations.



The Mark Reardon Show – Citation for the Finger, Bachmann, Scrap Metal bill, Akin Explanation

Mark hears from Florrissant man who got a ticket for flipping someone off. Reid Wilson tells us what he thinks about Michelle Bachmann’s presidential bid. Donner Baringer tells us about a bill that would prohibit scrap metal dealers from dealing in cash. Congressman Todd Akin explains why he correlated liberalism to hatred for God.



Total Information PM – Rooney Report, New GOP Presidential Candidate, Race Across America

Rooney Report Cardinals broadcaster John Rooney gives us his thoughts on Albert’s injury and he previews tonight’s series opener against the Philadelphia Phillies. New GOP Candidate Reid Wilson, editor of the Hotline at the National […]



The Mark Reardon Show – Monday, June 13th

Palin Under Fire Conservative blogger John Ziegler stirs the pot with a new entry on Sarah Palin and he joins Mark to tell us all about it. Presidential Debate Preview Tonight is the New Hampshire […]



The Mark Reardon Show – Thursday, June 9th

Breitbart on Wienergate Author, Commentator, and Publisher of Andrew Breitbart joins Mark to tell us about his role in Weinergate. The Permanent Pessimism Reid Wilson, editor of the Hotline at the National Journal, joins […]


The Mark Reardon Show – Wednesday, April 27th

To Pledge the Allegiance, or not Marybeth Hicks is a columnist for the Washington Times and she tells us about a Texas school agreeing to let two students sit during the Pledge of Allegiance. Why […]



Total Information PM – Thursday, April 7th

While Mark is in Washington D.C. he gets a Redbirds update from Cardinals broadcaster John Rooney who is currently in San Francisco, and we hear from Reid Wilson and Josh Krauschaar with the National Journal.



Mark Reardon Show – Thursday, April 7th

Mark talks with Dan Stein with the Federation for American Immigration Reform, and we hear from Josh Krauschaar and Reid Wilson of the National Journal, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, St. Louis native and author Kevin Jackson, and Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan.


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Mark Reardon Show – Tuesday, April 5th

2004 World Series of Poker champion Greg Raymer joins Mark to preview the upcoming tournament at Harrah’s Casino, and we hear from Illinois Congressman John Shimkus, chair of the Republican National Committee Reince Priebus, and Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder.



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