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GOP Candidate Rick Santorum Holds Super Tuesday Night Gathering In Ohio (Photo Credit: Mario Tama / Getty Images)

Santorum Campaigns In Missouri As Caucuses Begin

TOWN AND COUNTRY, Mo. (AP) — Rick Santorum was mining suburban St. Louis for last minute support Saturday, as Missouri Republicans began gathering in local caucuses that will help determine who gets the state’s 52 […]


Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul makes stop in Missouri

Ron Paul Holding Back His Endorsement

Paul has not won in any of the states that have already voted but narrowly lost in Maine by around 200 votes.


Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Gingrich Defends Campaign, Calls Controversies “Distortions”

Gingrich says the core of his campaign staff remains by his side.



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John and Michael talk about a local career fair, the housing slump, Apple’s new iCloud and iOS, and 2012 Republican presidential candidates.


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