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Plans for Plant-Science District in Creve Coeur

Denny Coleman, CEO of the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership, says the district would tie together all the individual elements in that area, like Monsanto, the Danforth Plant Science Center, the Helix Center and BRDG Park.



Local Study Finds We May Be Wired to Get Over Break-Ups

St. Louis University researchers find people may be hardwired to fall out of love and move on to new romantic relationships.


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Teens’ Genetic Protection Against Alcoholism Can Lessen Depending on Friends

Washington University researchers find a teen’s genetic protection against alcoholism can lessen, depending on whom they hang out with.


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Local Research Shows Schizophrenia is Not Single Disease

New research out of Washington University School of Medicine shows schizophrenia is not a single disease, but a group of eight genetically distinct disorders.


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Volunteers Wanted for Type 2 Diabetes Study

The Washington University School of Medicine is looking for patients to participate in a type 2 diabetes study.


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Research Shows Hot Spot Policing Works

It’s been reported widely that hot spot policing is very successful, but the main researcher in St. Louis says the latest studies show a somewhat unexpected result.


File photo of ants crawling on flowers. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

New Study: With Ant Colonies, Larger Is Better

New research finds that larger ant colonies have an edge over smaller ones.


University of Illinois

Millions Awarded For U of Illinois Research Center

Money to go fund studies on next-generation circuit technology.


Pedal the Cause

Sunday’s Pedal The Cause To Raise $2 Million For Cancer Research

Local doctor bikes the event, then uses proceeds to study possible cures.



SLU to Investigate Night Eating Syndrome

Researchers say those with the syndrome may struggle with eating disorders, sleep disorders, weight gain and depression.



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