Revenue Department

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Tax Drop to Put More Money in Illinois Paychecks

Illinois taxpayers will have a little extra cash next year.


Concealed Carry 1a, Getty Images, photo by Shelly Katz

Mo. Bill Would Have Sheriffs Print Gun ID Cards

The bill is the latest move in an ongoing controversy over the Revenue Department’s controversial scanning of concealed carry documents.


Washer & Dryer

Mo. Offering Tax Break on Some Appliances

The Revenue Department says its fifth annual Show-Me Green Sales Tax Holiday runs through Thursday of this week.


Mo Capitol

Capitol Perspectives: The Results of Legislative Investigations

The recent resignation of the state’s Revenue Department director follows a pattern I’ve seen when Missouri’s General Assembly launches investigations into the administration.


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Mo. Senate Won’t Pass DOR Budget Until It Receives Answers

The Senate subpoenaed the Revenue Department this week for information on whether it’s sharing personal information from driver’s license applicants.