Reynolds County

The Doe Run Company produces high purity lead metal and alloys including 1-ton lead blocks, 100-pound lead ingots and 60-pound ingots, also known as pigs. Photo:

Miner Killed in Reynolds County

MSHA investigating death at Doe Run’s Fletcher Mill & Mine


Drainpipe Drowning

Victim identified as 55-year-old Mathiew Stanley of Ellington, Missouri.



Local Doctors Warn Of Hypothermia Risks After Tragic Hiking Trip

The three victims were last seen alive Saturday afternoon, hiking along the Ozark Trail. By the next day, they were dead.



Millstadt Man, 2 Sons Die While Hiking

Reynolds County Sheriff Tom Volner says 36-year-old David Decareaux of Millstadt, Ill., and his 8- and 10-year-old sons were found Sunday.


Elk, Missouri Conservation Department 3, photo by John Brunjes

More Elk on the Way to Missouri

The elk are scheduled to arrive at the refuge area of Peck Ranch on May 18 from a capture site in eastern Kentucky.


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