Richard Mark


Charlie Brennan – September 9 – NFL’s Ray Rice and Domestic Abuse; Richard Mark of Ameren; Thomas Harvey, Prof. John Ammann; Judge Frank Vatterott; Michael Gillani and Brad Wiley of LoanCaddie

Charlie and Debbie with Karen Kirk of Lydia’s House, and with Thomas Harvey of City Arch Defenders and SLU Law School Prof. John Ammann. Charlie talks with Ameren Illinois President and CEO Richard Mark; with Municipal Court Judge Frank Vatterott; and with Michael Gillani and Brad Wiley of Loan Caddie.



Charlie Brennan – Friday, September 6th – Syrian Opposition Fighters in Damascus, Syria, join Charlie; and Ameren’s Richard Mark on Light the Night Walk

Charlie talks with two opposition fighters in Syria, who say American force is needed in Syria; and with Ameren’s Richard Mark on the upcoming Sept. 27th Light the Night Walk.



Local Executive Named to National Honor

Richard Mark was once a special education teacher


Nuclear Power Plant

Ameren Missouri Disagrees with Germany’s Approach to Nuclear Power

Ameren says expanded nuclear power remains a solution to meet energy needs.



Charlie Brennan – Friday, March 4th

Charlie talks with Bevis Schock who defends his client’s “fundamental right” to smoke in a Clayton public park; with Economist Chris Varvares about the latest unemployment numbers; with Ameren Missouri’s Richard Mark and Cara Dolly; and with the British Ambassador to the U.S., Sir Nigel Sheinwald.


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