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Mo. Supreme Court Keeps Farming, Gun Rights Measures

Missouri’s Supreme Court has upheld two constitutional amendments guaranteeing the right to farm and the right to bear arms.


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Mo. House Passes Expansion of the Castle Doctrine

A guest on someone’s private property could soon have legal rights to use deadly force if the property owner gives consent.


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AAA: Look For Fuel Prices To Keep Dropping

Crude oil, which accounts for 2/3 of fuel price, now below $80/gallon.


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Gas Prices Down, Experts Don’t Anticipate It Lasting

Gas prices have fallen nearly 20-cents per gallon locally over the last week.


Gas prices

Gas Prices Trending Lower As Memorial Day Approaches

AAA: As crude prices drop, motorists finally get a break at the pump.


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MO Gov. Calls Right-to-Work Proposal “A Step Backward”

Gov. Nixon opposes ‘right-to-work’ for Missouri.


Mo. Senate Committee Considers Union Legislation

Campaign to transform Mo. into “right-to-work” state underway.


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