File photo of a police car. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Authorities Successful in Franklin County Drug Bust

The arrest led to a building where a veritable drug smorgasbord was uncovered, including seven pounds of meth, half-pound of raw heroin, a pound of marijuana, numerous prescription narcotics, and synthetic drugs.


Franklin County Sheriff's Department photo

4 Arrested in Franklin County Truck Theft Ring

Allegedly using vehicles to transport walnut logs.


(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Arrests Made In Franklin County Theft Ring

Suspects dropped off with empty backpacks, picked up once bags were jammed with stolen goods.



Four Charged in Copper Wire Theft Ring in Franklin County

It’s been suspected, that the thieves have been cutting down the cable and burning the casing off prior to selling the remaining copper to recycling centers.


Hattie J. Allen and Shameka M. Thomas

2 Women Accused in Baby Formula Heist

Officers say they found 40 cans of Enfamil valued at $619 in the car, along with two large purses they believe were used to conceal the formula during the theft.


stolen phone

Telltale Ringtone Gives Away Suspected Phone Thief

Stolen phone rings in suspect’s pocket.



Taxpayers Ultimately Pay For Construction Site Thefts

Backhoes, earth movers targeted by professional theft rings.


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