An Update On Gaza & Temporary Housing For Central American Children
Charlie Brennan - Monday, July 7th - CBS Correspondent Robert Berger from Jerusalem; Market Analyst Larry SwedroeCharlie and Debbie talk with CBS Correspondent Robert Berger in Jerusalem and the tense situation in the Middle East; Charlie talks with Market Analyst Larry Swedroe about the state of the markets.
Total Information PM: Karl Luthin, The War In Israel, & Cardinals Winter Warm-UpKarl Luthin provided many of the animals seen in the new Stephen Spielberg "Lincoln" movie.
TIAM Weekend: MSD Tax & International MarketWill your sewer bill cost more? Are international markets reacting well this weekend? Brian and Maria address these issues on Sunday morning.
Total Information PM - Thursday, March 17thCBS News Correspondent Robert Berger joins Mark to give us the latest developments from Libya, and we hear from CBS editor-at-large Jill Schlesinger and Cardinals Broadcaster John Rooney.
Hancock & Kelley - Monday, January 31stGig Gwin of Gwin's Travel talks about the political unrest in this part of the Midwest; Robert Berger, CBS News correspondent in Jerusalem, gives us his take on the political turmoil in Egypt, and Owen Hassan with MoDot talks about road prep.

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