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TIAM: Red Light Cameras Revisited, The Edward Jones Dome, The Price Of Art & Matt Roush Of TV Guide

Smile! You’re on a legal traffic camera. What to do with the Edward Jones Dome? How much for that painting in the window? Say goodbye to one of the CSI spinoffs.



TIAM: FIRST Robotics Is Back In Town, What Is “CISPA”? And Things You Should Never Buy At A Garage Sale

The robots are running in St. Louis. What “CISPA” means to you and items you should never buy at a garage sale.



TIAM: Super Tuesday Talk, Can The Police Search Your Cell Phone? Over-Scheduled Kids & Sarah Palin

Is everything super on this Tuesday? What happens if the police search your cell phone? Over-scheduled kids and TV Guide’s Matt Roush


Google SOPA

TIAM: The Web Vs. SOPA, The SC Primary Is Saturday & Christine Whitman On Nuclear Power

We learned about SOPA from Brad Young. The Palmetto State primary is this Saturday. Christine Whitman on nuclear power.


Albert Pujols

TIAM: The Race To Sign Albert, Dentist Sues Patient & St. Louis Doesn’t Suck

Where will Albert Pujols end up? Dentist sues patient. St. Louis doesn’t suck!


KMOX Satellite

TIAM: The Supremes & GPS Systems, Unplanned Prenancy, Penn State & Your Food

The Supreme Court & GPS usage. Getting pregnant when you want to and not before. CBS’ Barry Bagnato from Penn State & Dr. Joe on food safety.


Tobacco Ad

TIAM: Tobacco Ads, Liquid Bombs & Tech. Tools For School

Tobacco companies sue the F.D.A. Former TSA Administrator Kip Hawley talked bombs with us. Best electronics for kids with CNET’s Brian Cooley.



TIAM: American Idol, Supreme Court Ruling

American Idol is in town and thousands are at the Scottrade Center for the auditions. The Supreme Court strikes down a California law.



Total Information AM – Wednesday, May 11th

In part three of the series KMOX’s Megan Lynch looks at the high cost of addiction treatment, and we hear from Brad Young of Roberts Perryman and Chad Freidrich, director of The Pruitt-Igoe Myth.



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