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Army Referral Scheme Makes Couple Millionaires

The scheme, perpetrated by a retired Army sergeant and his wife, used a website to gather names of individuals interested in joining the Army. The couple then submitted those names to the Army, earning them a cash bonus for each recruit they “referred.”


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Four Russian Nationals Indicted on Fraud Charges

Four Russian nationals have been indicted for conspiring to travel from Russia to casinos across the United States, including several local casinos, to cheat at particular slot games using electronic devices.


WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 20: Former Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. and his wife, former Chicago alderman Sandi Jackson, arrive for an appearance before the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on February 20, 2013 in Washington, DC. Both Jacksons are expected to plead guilty to federal charges of spending more than $750,000 in campaign cash on personal expenses. (Getty/Brendan Hoffman)

Jesse Jackson Jr. Pleads Guilty in Campaign Case

Before entering the plea to a conspiracy charge, Jesse Jackson told U.S. District Judge Robert L. Wilkins, “I’ve never been more clear in my life” in his decision to plead guilty.


St. Louis Police Sergeant Sentenced for Sell Marijuana

Sergeant Larry Davis was pulling marijuana off the street, then turning right around and selling it again for his own profit.



2 Plead Guilty in $52 Million Ponzi Scheme

They were indicted in April and originally pleaded not guilty before changing the pleas on Friday.


Festus Postmaster Sentenced To 2 years For Scheme

Teresa Tremusini was convicted in June of two counts of receiving illegal gratuities.



3 Plead Guilty in Black Market Travel Scheme

It was a nationwide scheme that used stolen credit card numbers to buy plane tickets that they later sold at deep discounts.