UMSL Professor: Social Media + Politics = Potential Disaster

“For Heaven’s sake, don’t put stuff on social media that you don’t want to live forever.”


File photo of a fruit bat. (Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

Study: Male Bats Perform Oral Sex On Female Bats To Promote Sperm Mobility

In one part of the world, bat populations are thriving due to the fact that they perform oral sex on one another – a behavior widely thought to be almost exclusively human in nature.


File photo of science (Photo by Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images)

Mo. Court Strikes Down Science Incentive Fund

A Missouri incentive fund for science and technology businesses has been quashed before it could get started, as the state Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that lawmakers had illegally linked its existence to an unrelated economic development proposal.



Washington University Researchers Say Moon Formed From Celestial Collision

The moon was born out of a giant collision between a body the size of Mars and the Earth, researchers say.


File photo of a meteor from a meteor shower entering the Earth's atmosphere. (Photo by STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)

Study: Life May Have Come To Earth From Outer Space

A new study claims that life may have come to Earth in the form of extraterrestrial microbes that survived a trip through outer space.


Getty/Suzy Allman

Washington University Researchers Uncover New Way to Treat Diabetes, Obesity

It all has to do with disabling the protein that turns white fat cells in our bodies – the fat which stores excess calories – into brown fat cells which help burn calories.


Classroom 3, Getty Images, Frederic Cirou

Another Year of Math in Illinois High Schools

If the governor gives his blessing, next year’s class of freshmen will have to complete four years of math instead of the current three to graduate.


File photo of a fly. (credit: THOMAS KIENZLE/AFP/Getty Images)

Let’s Get It On? Study Finds Sex-Deprived Flies Turn To Booze

NEW YORK (AP) — Guys, when your sweetheart says “No thanks” to sex, do you knock back a few stiff drinks to feel better? Turns out fruit flies do pretty much the same thing. That’s […]


spectaclecase mussels

Saving the Sheepnose and Spectaclecase

The sheepnose and spectaclecase mussels will be protected following an agreement reached last summer between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Washington, Center for Biological Diversity.


KMOX/Brett Blume

Science Center Offers Up Big Slice of Pi

More than 3.14 reasons to attend this weekend.




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