scrap metal

Recycler Is First Charged Under City’s New Scrap Metal Law

Police say they paid in cash, didn’t have electronic record keeping



Batteries Stolen from 35 Metro-East School Buses

The batteries weigh roughly 100 pounds and can be sold for $50 apiece at a recycling center.


scrap metal

County Council Passes New Scrap Metal Restrictions

Under new guidelines, sellers would have to present an I.D. to the dealer and be entered into a registry. They’d also get a check in the mail.


St. Louis County Council (KMOX/Michael Calhoun/File)

Cell Towers Stripped of Copper; St. Louis County Considers Crack-Down

Hopes to better keep track of scrap thieves to steal from cars, air conditioners and even phone lines and cell towers.


Body Found

Theft Suspect Falls 50 Feet at Rock Quarry

Police say they man was attempting to steal scrap metal.


Local lawmaker wants state-wide crackdown on metal thieves

Legislation would make it harder for scrap bandits to convert metal to cash


scral metal

Missouri Lawmaker Seeks to Crackdown on Scrap Metal Thieves

Right now, a patchwork of municipalities have passed scrap metal laws.


Springfield Dealing With Surge Of Metal Thefts

The City Council voted in March to require scrap yards to report the names of anyone who sells more than $50 in metal.


Copper Theft Bill Waiting for Fall

A city alderwoman is working to expand the bill over the summer.


Alderwoman Donna Baringer

Scrap Metal Law in City Put on Hold

Property owners want immediate new law, but alderwoman wants to wait to “get it right.”



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