Securities and Exchange Commission

Patriot Coal Corp. 1

Patriot Coal Demand and Revenue Down

Demand softened for coal used by utilities to generate electricity due to unseasonably warm weather.


Joe Reagan, RCGA Pres and CEO

New Investment Program Touted to Get Startups Through The Valley of Death

Critics fear the program could lure investors into shakey propositions


Mamtek Inc.

Mamtek Investigation Results Opened

The report makes a point of stating the panel’s finding that the DED did not do its due diligence while investigating Mamtek.,



Mamtek Investigation Continues

The Mamtek project fell through after the company defaulted on a $39 million bond payment to Moberly after promising to create around 600 jobs by building an artificial sweetener plant. .


Mamtek Inc.

Mo. Senate Kicks Off Mamtek Investigation

The investigation begins at a time when the General Assembly has debated about a major tax incentive bill to prop up a trade deal with China.


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