Senator Jane Cunningham

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Senator Cunningham Back at Capitol After Hospitalization

Her blood pressure had risen to dangerously high levels


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Senator Jane Cunningham taken to hospital from Capitol

Became light-headed during a debate


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A Legislative Message to Assessors

“Thirty percent of the homes on the market right now are foreclosures. It’s not fair people to have to be paying for something that the value is not there.”


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Mo. Senate Passes Measure to Modify Assessments

County assessors would have to consider the impact of foreclosures and bank sales on the real estate market when they set the value of a property.


St. Louis Senator Files for Kansas City Seat

“I am not drawn anywhere. I am in nowhere land,” Senator Jane Cunningham said.


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Cunningham Proposes School Accreditation Fix

Chesterfield Senator Jane Cunningham says she has a plan to give students in unaccredited schools options for where to go.


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