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County Police: Check Sex Offender Registry Prior to Trick-or-Treating

St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch says the nearly 1,100 sex offenders in the county have to stay in tonight, leave their porch lights off, and post a sign saying the residence is not offering candy.


sex offender

UMSL Criminologists Says Mo. Sex Offender Laws Need To Be Reevaluated

Under Missouri law sex offenders cannot live within a thousand feet of a school or day care center, and can’t loiter within 500 feet.


Terry Wayne Davis, 43, of Alton. (photo from Illinois State Police Sex Offenders Registry) (05/31/2013)

Alton Man Accused Of Having Sex With Rottweiler Puppy

Terry Wayne Davis, 43, of Alton, has been charged with three counts of sexual conduct with an animal.


Jefferson City 4, Gettyy Images, Dennis McDonald

Mo. Lawmakers Sustain Veto of Sex Offender Bill

The House briefly discussed the bill but set it aside without voting on an override after supporters acknowledged that many of their colleagues had concerns about it.



Six Flags Peeping Tom Receives Sentencing

Jeremy Bates admitted peeping on a teenage girl through a gap around a door frame at a Six Flags St. Louis dressing room.


Missouri Bill Notifies Prosecutor If Sex Offender Freed

The Legislature has sent Gov. Jay Nixon a bill that would notify local prosecutors when a sexually violent offender has been released.



Missouri Rep. Sponsors, Kills Sex Offender Bill

The bill would require real estate agents to let neighbors know when a registered sex offender is buying a home in their neighborhood.


Mo. Bill Focuses on Sex Offender Home-Buyers

The legislation would require real estate agents to warn other people when they represent a prospective home buyer who is a sex offender.


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“Hugging Man” Identified As Sex Offender

He’s suspected of trying to force contact from as many as 10 women.


Sex Offender registry

Missouri Bill Would Change Sex Offender Registrations

The bill would exempt people from registering if they have been convicted of some non-contact offenses, such as indecent exposure.




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