Sexually transmitted disease

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St. Louis City Barbershops to Help Lower STDs

Six city barbers have already signed on to the plan and will be trained to converse about STD’s and how to prevent them.



New Survey Ranks St. Louis Number Two for STD’s

A new survey from a renter’s website places St. Louis near the top of the list when it comes to the most sexually diseased cities in America.


STD Rates Among St. Louis-Area Teens Astoundingly High

Melba Moore, St. Louis City Health Commissioner, said her department wants to do more to education young people about protection.



Free Condoms Stir Debate At Bradley University

Student health fees at Bradley will now include condom ten packs.


St. Louis Health Director Pam Walker

Online Hookups Blamed For Jump In Sexually Transmitted Disease

Cyber dating may be speeding up the spread of STDs.


St. Louis Health Director Pam Walker

Sex in the City — STD’s Jump in St. Louis

Health Director wants to contact sex partners of known carriers


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