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Missouri Group Fights Internet Gambling

Family-centric groups in 13 states are calling on Congress to block states across the nation from legalizing Internet gambling.


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Illinois Gambling Expansion Bill in Trouble

Gov Quinn says the gambling expansion bill is full of loopholes and likely won’t make it law.


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Ill Lawmakers Try Again to Expand Gambling

The governor has long opposed slot machines at racetracks, even though supporters say it’s just adding new gambling to places where gambling already exists.


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Slots Coming to Illinois Horse Tracks and a Lot More

A measure to allow five new casinos, allow more slot machines at existing casinos and put slots at racetracks in Illinois is going to pass.


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Another Push for More Casinos in Illinois

Five cities would get a new casino under the legislation and there’s a provision for slot machines at horse tracks.


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Habitual Gamblers Get Another Shot at the Tables

The Missouri Gaming Commission voted Wednesday to relax rules for the state’s casino exclusion list, which imposes a lifetime casino ban on problem gamblers who voluntarily sign up for it


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Slots at Race Tracks Fails in Illinois

Gov. Pat Quinn has spent a lot of time criticizing the idea of slot machines at race tracks, a key component of both last spring’s bill and the one which failed Wednesday night.


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Slots at Tracks Still Alive in Illinois

State Rep. Michael Zalewski says his understanding is that a gambling package that includes slot machines at race tracks will be called in the Senate for a vote.



Illinois Slots & Casino Bill On Hold

A bill that would allow an expansion of gambling in Illinois is not on Gov. Pat Quinn’s desk.


Lawmakers Want Gov. To Pass Gambling Expansion Bill

Some in the agriculture industry are urging pat Quinn to sign it as-is.



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