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Sony And Marvel Team Up For The Future Of Spider-Man

Sony and Marvel/Disney are finally bringing Spider-Man and the Avengers back together.


Seth Rogan, James Franco, The Interview Premiere,

PR Specialist: Sony Cyberattack Threat to All of Hollywood

Hollywood is on high alert as the Sony cyberattack by North Korea continues to reverberate worldwide.


Several dozen brave chilly weather outside the Best Buy in Brentwood Friday as Sony's Playstation 4 hit stores around North America. (KMOX/Michael Calhoun)

Dozens Line Up At Midnight For Sony’s PlayStation 4

At the Best Buy in Brentwood, and stores across the country, lines were ready to move when Sony’s PlayStation 4 went on sale at midnight this morning.



Overnight America: September 20, 2012 – Dave White, Jennifer LeClaire Technology Reporter Jennifer LeClaire joins us to talk about the new iPhone 5 and the Slim PS3. Dave White from talked with us about the latest in the Box Office this weekend.  


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