Speed Cameras

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Mo. Supreme Court to Look at Legality of Speed Cameras

The case began with a $124 ticket written to KMOX’s Charlie Brennan in 2012.


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East St. Louis Speed Cameras Raise Questions

Motorists driving near East St. Louis now risk getting a ticket in the mail from automated speed cameras, and some are wondering whether or not that’s legal.


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St. Louis County Could Get Option to Ban Speed Cameras

A quiet movement is under way for a ballot measure to let voters decide whether to ban most speed enforcement cameras in St. Louis County.


Vinita Park

Vinita Park Adds Speed Cameras

With a population of nearly 18-hundred, the suburb of Vinita Park is on a quest to catch speeders barreling through their community.


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Two Area Towns Quietly Operate Speed Cameras

Cool Valley and Berkeley have been operating speed camera since late last year.


Speed cameras on Innerbelt to be removed

CHARLACK, Mo. (KMOX) – The city of Charlack is going to take down the speed cameras over Interstate-170 on Monday.


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