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Commission: Remove Juveniles from Sex Registries

Requiring juveniles to register as sex offenders impairs rehabilitation efforts for a crime that very few of them ever commit again, according to a study released Tuesday.


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Alert Changes Discussed after Missouri Child Death

The kidnapping and death of Hailey Owens last month has prompted Missouri lawmakers and law enforcement agencies to consider changes to the rapid alert system used to spread the word about possible child abductions.


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Parents of Slain Springfield Girl Suing Man Accused in Death

The parents of Hailey Owens, who was kidnapped and killed last month, are suing the man accused of murdering their daughter.


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Man Found Dead in Missouri Field Needs Identifier

The Greene County Sheriff’s office found a man in a southwest Missouri field, that later died, are asking for help identifying him.


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Search Warrants Issued for Lawmaker’s Home, Office

Authorities say federal search warrants have been executed at the Elgin home and office of state Rep. Keith Farnham.


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Ill. Considers Expanding Gambling

A bill to expand gambling in Illinois will once again be considered by the General Assembly.


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Woman Pleads Guilty to Assaulting Federal Agent

A southwest Missouri woman used her car to assault a federal immigration officer who was trying to apprehend her boyfriend.


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Hospital Cuts Possible Once Fed. Reimbursements Disappear

Illinois hospitals may be effected if people do not buy Obamacare coverage.



Republican Gov. Candidates Critical Over Closed State Facilities

Some of the Republican candidates for governor are critical of the recent closure of state facilities.


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Study: Ill. ‘Fiscal Mess’ Reputation Costs State Money

The perception that Illinois is a fiscal mess has some consequences, according to a new study.





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