St. Joseph

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Police: Drink Specials, Social Media Don’t Mix

The city attorney for St. Joseph is asking the state to clarify whether Missouri law forbids bars from posting drink specials on their social media sites.



St. Joseph Passes Smoking Ban

Under the ban, which goes into effect June 7, smoking will no longer be allowed in any indoor place of employment, including bars and restaurants.



Missouri Man Wakes Up To Find Stolen Car In Garage

A St. Joseph man says he needed a car, but he didn’t expect one to turn up in his garage overnight.


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Mo. Proposal Targets Collection of Cellphone Data

A Missouri lawmaker is proposing a state constitutional amendment intended to cut down on the government’s ability to get data about people’s phone calls.



Missouri Man Tells Judge He Wants To Go Back To Prison

Roy Murphy was ready to plead guilty earlier this week to second-degree attempted robbery a charge that would have sent him back to prison for up to seven years.


Television evangelist Paul Crouch (photo courtesy TBN)

TBN Founder, Missouri Native Paul Crouch Dies

Broadcaster was born in St. Joseph & educated in Springfield.



Police Arrest Spaghetti Bandit in St. Joseph

A 51-year-old man has been arrested after breaking into the downtown St. Joseph fire station, taking spaghetti out of a refrigerator and hiding under a desk.


Heartland Regional Medical Center in St. Joseph

St. Joseph Medical Center To Use Armed Guards

Heartland security leader Derek Conz says there have been several incidents where people have entered the medical center with a gun.


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Missouri Couple Arrested Over Stolen Cemetery Items

St. Joseph police say a couple was arrested after officers found dozens of flowers and stolen grave decorations at their home.


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Mo. Senator Says Lobbyists Killed Hospital Oversight Bill

“As it is, the hospital industry has too much power and so you’re just not going to get good public policy,” Sen. Rob Schaaf said.



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