Alderman Denies Domestic AssaultChris Carter faces misdemeanor assault charge.
Fighting to Lower Drug Overdose DeathsTwo bills before city board of aldermen address wave of drug overdoses.
St. Louis Starts To Make Right on Racial Disparity Problems
Board of Aldermen Rejects Chicken, Goat ProposalSt. Louis Board of Aldermen says NO to a plan that would have let residents keep as many as eight chickens in their back yard.
Alderwoman Green Skips NFL Bribery HearingMegan Green was expected to lay out her case for bribery around the football stadium.
St. Louis Aldermen May Drop Bribery ProbeWhen is a bribe a bribe, and when is a bribe just a deal?
Gov. Nixon Supports St. Louis' Effort to Raise Minimum WageA minimum wage increase was approved in Kansas City and now Nixon supports one here as well.
Dotson's Plan for Highway Patrol Brings Mixed Reactions from City HallDowntown STL Inc.'s Missy Kelley says she supports the plan to bring in the Highway Patrol to help reduce crime downtown, but it's getting mixed reaction from the Board of Aldermen.
Civilian Review Board Plan to be Introduced to Board of AldermenWith the blessing of the mayor, a plan to create a civilian review board to monitor complaints of police misconduct in St. Louis comes before the board of aldermen today.
Mayor Slay: 'Disruption' Will be Allowed in St. LouisMayor Slay has requested 400 members of the National Guard to help in the city after the grand jury's decision is announced in the Michael Brown case.
Bill Could Crack Down on Lackadaisical LandlordsThe plan would keep a record of upkeep problems, which, if neglected, could lead to fines or court action against building owners.
Cats Cause Scary Situation at Board of Aldermen MeetingAldermanic President Lewis Reed, who is allergic to cats, began coughing and gasping for air.

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