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St. Louis crime


Charlie Brennan – Friday, January 10th – St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson on STL Homicides and Crime

Charlie talks with STL Police Chief Sam Dotson about STL homicide rate and crime.


St. Louis City Hall (KMOX/file photo)

Mayor Slay’s Niece Survives Carjacking

The 25-year-old and her boyfriend were carjacked Friday near the Lowes at Interstate 55 and Loughborough Avenue.


Police Chief Sam Dotson responds to dangerous city ranking.

Conflicting Crime Stats Tell A Tale of Two Cities

On the same morning he was claiming crime is heading down, Police Chief Sam Dotson was confronted with the latest ranking of St. Louis as the “fourth most dangerous city in the nation.”


Mayor Slay speaking as a member of the St. Louis Police Board

Mayor Slay Concerned About January Crime Wave

Police board members watched the numbers on a slide show as the Chief tallied the increase: murder up 36 percent, rape up 62 percent, robbery up 57 percent, aggravated assault up nine percent, larceny up 46 percent, and arson up 44 percent.


Corniesha Smith, shot and killed in June of 2012, her case remains unsolved

Who Killed Corniesha Smith?

ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)– Five months after 14-year old Corniesha Smth was shot on the street while visiting a friend in north St. Louis, her mother is asking the public to help find the killer. Surrounded by photographs […]


Crime Scene, Getty Images, photo by Victor Habbick Visions

Men on Bicycles Shoot St. Louis Teen

One of the men pulled a handgun and told the teen to stand still or get shot


Police Chief Dan Isom (KMOX/file photo)

Gun Crimes on the Rise in City of St. Louis

“Just the way the laws are structured today, there is a proliferation of guns in our community,” said police chief Dan Isom.


Mayor Francis Slay (KMOX/file photo)

“Case Dismissed” after Brutal Knockout Game Attack Witnessed by Mayor

Key witness fails to show up, defendants high-fiving with glee in hallway


Mayor Francis Slay

St. Louis Mayor Witnesses Aftermath of “Knockout Kings” Attack

Victim appeared to be minding his own business, walking with a friend when gang of youth approached.


Mark Chartrand pleaded guilty Wednesday to one count of impersonating a federal officer. Prosecutors said he did it to scam money from his girlfriend. (credit:

St. Louis Man Poses as Government Agent to Scam Girlfriend

Prosecutors said the 41-year-old man borrowed more than $100,000 from his girlfriend over several years.