St. Louis Fire Department

St. Louis Fire Department Engine House No. 22

St. Louis Fire Chief Weighs in on Quebec Oil Tanker Crash

What worries the city’s fire chief is an industry trend of stringing 60 to 80 oil tankers cars on one train, compared to just two or three in earlier decades.


St. Louis fire chief Dennis Jenkerson surveys the situation during a five alarm fire in an apartment building in St. Louis on July 17, 2012. Nearly 200 apartments in the complex were involved after a fire spread throughout the roof of the buildings. No injuries were reported. UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Fire Chief Has New Equipment, Old Worries

The St. Louis department recently replaced nine pumper trucks, refurbished nine others, and added two new ladder trucks.


St. Louis Fire Department file photo (KMOX/Brian Kelly)

Off Duty St. Louis Firefighter Rescues Man From River des Peres

An off duty St. Louis firefighter sprung into action when he spotted a pickup truck in the River des Peres.


St. Louis Fire Department file photo (KMOX/Brian Kelly)

Smoke Alarm “Blitz” Saturday In Walnut Park East Neighborhood

St. Louis, MO (KMOX)–Due to the recent fire-related death on the 4500 Block of Emerson, members of the St. Louis Fire Department will be conducting a door-to-door Neighborhood Smoke Alarm Blitz on Saturday, March 23, […]


St. Louis Fire Department file photo (KMOX/Brian Kelly)

Woman Dies in St. Louis House Fire

Home in the 6800 block of Magnolia went up in flames, early Sunday.


River Des Peres file photo

Car Crashes Into River Des Peres

St. Louis firefighters say woman and three children escape without serious injury.


St. Louis firefighter dies in line of duty

St. Louis Firefighter Dies After Going On Call

Jeffrey Hudson appeared to have died in his sleep at Fire Station #36 after going on a call early this morning.


St. Louis firefighters stand by during gas line break

Firefighters, City Hall Spar Over Overtime Costs

“What they’re saying is, ‘OK, you gave us a pay raise and you put many million more in our pension and now there’s not enough money left over for everything else”



Sunday Apartment Fire in St. Louis

Investigators say one person injured, cause has not been determined.


7/19/12-Still looking dazed nearly 48 hours after a 5-alarm fire destroyed their homes, former tenants of the apartments at 3949 Lindell Blvd. shuffled back to try and get into their units and salvage what they could. They were told only essentials could be taken for now, and that it could be weeks before they're allowed back in to get the rest of their belongings. "It stinks!," said Michael Daniel. "Not much I can do about it right now, though, so I just want to see what I got and we can move forward." (KMOX/Brett Blume)

Memorial Service Held For Pets at 3949 Lindell Apartments

It’s not clear how many animals died.