St. Louis Fire Department

Alderman Greg Carter spring of 2012

Alderman Carter Refuses to Advance Slay’s Pension Reform Plan, Unless…

Alderman Carter vows to sit on Mayor Slay’s bills, until all sides agree


Slay Reed lead

Reed and Slay Butt Heads on Fire Pensions — Preview of 2013 Race?

Aldermanic President raises his profile by standing up to Mayor Slay


Photo: UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Carbon Monoxide Death of St. Louis Woman Leads to Giveaway of Free Detectors

If everyone in your home suddenly gets flu symptoms, it could be carbon monoxide poisoning


house fire

Fire Deaths Drop in City — New Smoke Detectors Working Longer

Fire fighters are arriving to find residents already out of most burning buildings


KMOX/Brad Choat

Firefighter Injured South of Downtown St. Louis

Chief Dennis Jenkerson says Sunday’s blaze was fueled by “lots of stuff” in the bedroom near the point of ignition.


St. Louis Firefighters practice climbing out a window

How to Avoid a Christmas Weekend House Fire

Cooking fires, tobacco-loving houseguests and dryers that catch fire while you sleep…


Homeless man Donald Waltman in front of warehouse where he says 26 live

No Quick Answers for Homeless after Massive Warehouse Fire

Business owner nearby wants city to move homeless someplace else


Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson, working 5-alarm blaze at Crunden-Martin warehouse

Big Warehouse Fire Raises Question of Homeless Living Along Riverfront

Should city hall set a deadline, as it did with Occupy protestors, for homeless to leave riverfront?


Photo: UPI/Bill Greenblatt

St. Louis Firefighters Hit the Streets Installing Smoke Detectors

The program is almost entirely funded by donations


Members of the Dalmatian Club of Greater St. Louis posing for a photo at the Great Fire Engine Rally in downtown St. Louis on September 10, 2011. (KMOX/Brad Choat)

St. Louis Fire Engine Rally

Dozens turned out Saturday to celebrate all things relating to firefighters and their service.





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