St. Louis Firefighters

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Firefighter: St. Louis Man Dies in Home Fire

St. Louis firefighters say a man has died after a fire broke out in a home without a working smoke detector.


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Missouri Supreme Court Upholds St. Louis Firefighter Law

The state law allowed veteran St. Louis firefighters to live outside the city limits.


St. Louis firefighters along with volunteers go door to door to check that residents have working smoke detectors during a fire safety blitz in St. Louis on November 3, 2012. The St. Louis Fire Department is canvasing neighborhoods making sure residents having working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as Central Daylight Saving Time ends.  UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Turn Your Clocks Back

Daylight Saving Time ends early Sunday. Firefighters say to change batteries in smoke detectors as you make the switch.



Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, July 17th

Charlie talks wtih STL Police Chief Dan Isom, one of five persons Charlie names as “Most Crucial to the STL Region”.

NewsRadio 1120 KMOX–07/17/2012

Alderman Steve Conway

Aldermen Pass Firefighter Pension Cuts — Despite Fears of Lawsuit

ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)–A plan to slash soaring pension costs for firefighters gains final passage in the Board of Aldermen — despite threats of a lawsuit from firefighters vowing to stop it. “The faster we pass this, […]


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Firefighters Sue to Stop Mayor Slay’s Pension Reform Plan

They warned they would do it, and now they have.


Alderman Craig Schmid wants his bill to have advantage

Alderman Schmid Refuses to Let Rival Pension Cut Plan Out of His Committee

ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)–The sponsor of a pension reform plan that St. Louis firefighters say they won’t sue over is preparing to make an end run around a rival alderman who is holding up the plan in committee. […]


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Firefighter Pension Fund Battle Continues in State Capitol

A bill currently in the House Retirement Committee, if passed, would cut St. Louis firefighter pensions to just 25-percent for new employees.


2/24/12-For the second time this month, St. Louis firefighters jammed the rotunda steps at City Hall. Board of Alderman president Lewis Reed outlined the pensions plan he hammered out with the firefighters' union during a late-night session Thursday. (KMOX/Brett Blume)

Heated Words at Firefighters’ Pension Press Conference

Once again, dozens of St. Louis firefighters jammed the rotunda stairs inside City Hall.



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