St. Louis gas prices

gas prices

Gas Prices Dropping Dramatically

St. Louisans woke up Sunday to fuel costs about 30 cents cheaper


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Gas Prices Up Nearly A Dime

Industry analyst says refiners and retailers had margins too low.



St. Louisans Paying Least At The Pump

Lundberg Survey of fuel prices has St. Louis with the lowest at $3.01 per gallon, well below the national average of $3.38.


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Paying Less At The Pump

Gas prices are falling nationwide. Saint Louisans are paying 12 cents less than a week ago.


gas prices

Gas Prices Going Up

Average unleaded cost for drivers, locally and nationally, was $3.66 per gallon, Saturday.


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Why is Gas so High?????

Many stand accused, including oil companies, the president, Congress, speculators on Wall Street and worries that the earth is running out of oil.


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