St. Louis homeless

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St. Louis Opens Homeless Shelter as Weather Hits Lows

A relatively warm December is coming to an end, and the weather is taking a turn for the cold. As a result, St. Louis officials are opening the city’s emergency shelter for the homeless.


A homeless man keeps warm on a sidewalk vent in downtown St. Louis (KMOX file photo)

Kevin Killeen’s Whole ‘nother Story — Sidewalk Man

Today, Kevin meets a man who spends the night on a sidewalk warming grate outside the hockey arena…


A homeless man naps in a park two blocks from the New Life Evangelistic Center.

Downtown Residents Push for Shutdown of Larry Rice Shelter

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The Reverend Larry Rice fights for the survival of his downtown homeless shelter, the New Life Evangelistic Center, as he appears before a city board with the power to shut him […]


Bill Siedhoff, Director of Human Service City of St. Louis

Homeless Headcount Sparks Discussion in Mayor’s Race

The city’s annual homeless headcount is underway — with organizers predicting there will be fewer homeless tallied here than a year ago.


The Rev. Larry Rice of the New Life Evangelistic Center. Photo: KMOX

Larry Rice Fears Mayor Slay Wants Him Shut Down

Offering a rare tour of his five-story New Life Evangelistic Center, the Reverend Larry Rice says there are no code violations or unsafe living conditions.


The Reverend Larry Rice and homeless supporters oppose sidewalk eviction. Photo: KMOX

City Warns Rice — No More Homeless Campouts on the Sidewalk

ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)–Another showdown over the homeless is brewing between the Reverend Larry Rice and the Slay Administration — this time on the issue of sidewalk camping near Rice’s homeless center downtown. Director of Human Services […]


Bill Siedhoff, Director of Human Services with new anti-begging signs

New Signs Aim to Stop Culture of Begging

Director of Human Services Bill Siedhoff believes many of the people begging are not destitute.



Charlie Brennan – Friday, June 8th

Charlie talks with the Rev. Larry Rice who wants the homeless at the Galleria; with Sgt. Jason Grellner of Franklin County, MO, about a woman cooking meth at a local WalMart; with Bob Edgar of Common Cause and Chuck DeVore of the TX Public Policy about ALEC; and with STL Sculptor Harry Weber about today’s Dred and Harriet Scott statue dedication.


Homeless seeking a tent city hold news conference with the Revernd Chris Rice (far right) at New Life Center

Homeless Mission Planning Another Tent City

Embarassed and shut down last week, New Lifers are Regrouping



Kevin Killeen’s Whole ‘nother Story — Former Homeless Woman Sad to See Shacks Go

Today, Kevin visits with a waitress named Amy, who came back to take one last look at the plywood shacks along the river she used to call home.  



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