St. Louis Police Officers Association

Ronnell Hood

Police Shocked Over ‘Insulting’ Sentence Given To Gunman

A man who fired on St. Louis Police with an assault rifle in 2010 received a four year sentence. Prosecutors sought 20 years.



Charlie Brennan: Police Changes, Blind Coverage, Same-sex Marriage & Austism

St. Louis Police Chief Dan Isom is proposing to reduce the city’s nine police districts and downsize his command staff.


Jeff Roorda, St. Louis Police Officers Association

Proposed Police Cuts Draw Fire From Police Union

Police union warns safety of public and officers would be at risk



Charlie Brennan: Police Layoffs, Tony La Russa & Mike Shannon

Charlie talks with Police Union Business Manager Jeff Roorda about possible police offcers’ layoffs; with Actor/Director Alex Hyde-White; with STL County Library Director Charles Pace about tax levy ballot initiative; with Tony La Russa, former STL Cardinals Skipper; with Washburn Univ. Prof. Paul Byrne about TIF’s; and with STL Cards Broadcaster Mike Shannon.


Jeff Roorda of the St. Louis Police Officer's Association

Police Union Opposes Unrestricted DNA Files on Officers

Police Union worries DNA information could be used in the future against the officer’s best interests.



St. Louis Police Officers to Hold New Elections

September 15th balloting to be thrown out, published report says


Jeff Roorda, Business Manager for the St. Louis Police Officers' Association (KMOX)

What Went Wrong in St. Louis Police Union?

Was the first vote tainted, or did somebody just want another chance to win?


Jeff Roorda, Business Manger of St. Louis Police Officers Association

Possible Fraud Invalidates St. Louis Police Union Election

Blank ballots allegedly found in secretary’s desk and other red flags.



Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, September 20th

Charlie talks with U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill about wasteful Pentagon contracts and increasing taxes on the wealthy…Former President of the STL Police Ofcrs. Assn. Sgt. Gary Wiegert says don’t give control of STLP to the City until the City cleans up its own “house”.


Police Union President Sgt. Tom Walsh and Police Commissioner Richard Gray

St. Louis Police Get Union Contract

Deal means raises for officers and sets procedures for discipline





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