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Missouri Man Chronicles Life With Asperger’s

Aaron Likens says living with a form of autism “is like running hurdles and not jumping.”


Photo: KMOX

Man, 65, Shoots Motorcyclist In Road Rage Incident

O’Fallon police say a 65-year-old man shot a motorcyclist during a road rage incident.


Woman Drops Bank Robbery Attempt Midway Through

A would-be bank robber apparently changed her mind midway through the crime, but police are still looking for her.


File photo of birds at a pet store, which was one way to describe the home of two women in the St. Louis area who were recently arrested. (credit: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)

Two Women Owned 44 Animals, Dead Cats In Zoo Of A Home

WENTZVILLE, Mo. (CBS St. Louis) – It was a normal Wentzville, Mo., home. The residence included two women, five children, 11 dogs, 13 cats, 18 birds, one goat, one rabbit, an army of fleas and […]



Charlie Brennan – Wednesday, May 2nd

Charlie talks with Bestselling Author/Screenwriter/Playwright Delia Ephron; with Ruth Morris in Shanghai about the release of the blind Chinese dissident; with Denny Huff of the Mo. Council of the Blind about an update on funding for the blind in Mo.; with Clayton School District Spokesperson Chris Tennill and student transfers; with STL Post Dispatch Editor Arnie Robbins about Sunshine Laws, the CVC and the Rams; with STL Cards Broadcaster John Rooney; and with Veronica Wansley, a Peabody shareholder/protester who was denied entrance into the Peabody shareholders meeting yesterday in STL.


Newspaper 6, Getty Images, photo by Matt Carey

More Problems for Missouri Newspapers

Newspaper companies would face higher printing costs under a proposal by a Missouri House committee that eliminates the sales tax exemption for printing materials.


joe pollack

Joe Pollack, Longtime Critic, Passes Away

Pollack’s death called a loss for St. Louis.



Charlie Brennan – Monday, October 10th

Charlie talks with Washington Post Columnist E. J. Dionne…with STL Post-Dispatch Writer Nancy Cambria about child day care licensing…and with Executive Bill Gunderson about Pres. Obama’s choices for the Jobs Commission.



Post-Dispatch Owner Gets Loan Extension

Lee Enterprises Inc., still needs to refinance another $175 million.



Kevin Killeen’s Whole ‘nother Story — Mystery on the Front Lawn

Why won’t the dog bring the paper in this morning?





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