St. Louis Science Center

Studio B Mic.

TIAM: Candy Crowley On Newt Gringrich, Mars Rovers & New Radar For The NWS

Newt Gingrich needs to win Georgia. What about the new Mars rover? The NWS in St. Louis has an improved radar system.



Robert “The Doctor” Picardo Is Coming To St. Louis Tonight!

“The Doctor” is coming to the St. Louis Science Center.


Space Junk

TIAM: S.C. Politics With Candy Crowley, The Games We Play & Space Junk (The Movie)

CNN’s Candy Crowley on S.C. politics. Games we play may make the world better. Space Junk surrounds our planet.


Arch Looking East

TIAM: The Not-So-Super Committee, Star Trek & Flying Business Class

They aren’t so super after all. Star Trek is in town. Flying 1st or business class.



TIAM: What If You Could Remember Everything? A Not So Special Session, The Mars Rovers & Two And A Half Men

What if you could remember everything that ever happened to you? The China Hub may be in trouble. One Mars rover still is roving. TV Guide’s Matt Roush on Two and a Half Men.



Charlie Brennan – Thursday, August 4th

A look at gangs in STL, sucker punching defenseless strangers and “Knockout King” with John Tucker of the Riverfront Times…Rick Bagy of First Nat’l Bank explains a special FHA-approved program for moderate and low income families…Dr. Mark Frisse of Vanderbilt Univ. talks Civil War-era battlefield medicine…and, Mo. State Sen. Jane Cunningham discusses a new law which prevents teachers from privately communicating with students, via Twitter, Facebook and e-mail.



Charlie Brennan – Wednesday, August 3rd

STL Cardinals Broadcaster Mike Shannon on Milwaukee Brewers’ Takashi Saito pitch to Albert Pujols that struct his left hand. New York Times’ Ron Nixon on freshmen and Tea Party Respublicans loving their pork spending in their districts, but no one else’s. STL Post-Dipatch Reporter Matt Hathaway on generous salaries and bonuses for STL Science Center executives.


Saint Louis Science Center

Cuts Possible at St. Louis Science Center

A 10-member commission could vote as early as August.


Globemaster C-17

TIAM: Greece Votes, Globemaster C-17 & Cupcakes

We covered the Greek debt crisis, The St. Louis Science Center Omnimax film “Rescue” and got fed cupcakes from the award-winning Jilly’s Cupcake Bar & Cafe.



New Exhibit at Science Center

Opens Friday June 10th



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