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Five Reasons To Visit St. Louis This Summer

Smack dab in the center of the USA sits one of the country’s great treasures — the city of St. Louis. See what it has to offer this summer.



Whitaker Faces Conflict of Interest Questions

Pat Whitaker is coming under fire from fellow St. Louis Zoo Museum District Board members.


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“Bennie” the Sea Lion Dies at the St. Louis Zoo

He was one of the stars of the St. Louis Zoo’s Sea Lion Show



Forest Park Hospital to be Replaced with Zoo Parking Lot

A parking lot will replace the old Forest Park Hospital, but there may be longer-term plans for the space sometime next year.


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Top Volunteer Opportunities For Animal Lovers In St. Louis

If you can spare a few hours a week, you will be a hero to these local organizations and the animals and humans they serve.



Charlie Brennan – Monday, March 10th – Dawn Chapman on Bridgeton Landfill; Dr. Richard Saul on ADHD; STL Zoo’s Bob Merz on Effects of Cold Weather on Bugs; and Market Analyst Al Goldman on State of the Markets

Charlie and Debbie talk with Bridgeton Landfill Activist Dawn Chapman; Charlie talks with Dr. Richard Saul, author of “ADHD Does Not Exist”; with STL Zoo’s Bob Merz about the effects of the cold winter on area bugs; and with Market Analyst Al Goldman about the state of the markets.



Five Kid-Friendly Alternatives To The Super Bowl In St. Louis

Here are five local area attractions with plenty of warm indoor space on Super Bowl Sunday for the kids.



Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, January 7th – Replay of Interview with Jerry Coleman, Voice of San Diego Padres; STL Zoo Bird Curator Mike Macek; Kelly McGonigal on “The Willpower Instinct”; and Steve Young, Co-Designer of the Sinek System

Charlie replays his interview with the Voice of the San Diego Padres Jerry Coleman, who passed away on Sunday; Charlie and Debbie talk with STL Zoo Bird Curator Mike Macek about taking care of backyard birds; Kelly McGonigal, author of “The Willpower Instinct”; and Steve Young, co-designer of the Sinek System.



Charlie Brennan – Monday, January 6th – Tips from Local Experts on Dealing with STL Snowstorm; Dr. Sharon Deem and Dr. Stephen Blake on Box Turtles Freezing; Market Analyst Larry Swedroe on Lessons Learned from 2013

Charlie and Debbie give you tips for weatherizing your home and your car, cold weather and plants, and pets and the . Market Analyst Larry Swedroe with lessons learned in 2013, and Dr. Sharon Deem and Dr. Stephen Blake, scientists at the St. Louis Zoo on box turtles in Forest Park, hibernation and freezing.


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Free Fall Activities For Families In St. Louis

Here are some family faves for enjoying fall in the Lou. Even better, they’re all free.