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Mark Reardon: Do We Need Tougher Gun Laws?

Do we need tougher gun control laws? Should we look to Washington for the answer? The father of one of the California shooting victims, Richard Martinez, blames Congress for not doing enough. But what should be done? Lori Haas is with the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Her daughter Emily was shot and injured at Virginia Tech in 2007.


Steve Stenger, county councilman and candidate for county executive.

Stenger Raises Questions about Children’s Service Fund

St. Louis County Councilman Steve Stenger wants the head of the fund to come to the Council and give a full report on its finances.


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Mark Reardon: Comedian Dennis Miller

Comedian Dennis Miller is coming to the Peabody Opera House on Sunday, May 18th.


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Stenger Accuses Dooley of Euthanizing Too Many Dogs and Cats

Steve Stenger says thousands of dogs and cats have been euthanized at the St. Louis County Animal Shelter in the past 10 years, under Charlie Dooley’s watch.


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Dooley: ‘We’ll Win Hands Down’

Dooley says his campaign poll from early April of 500 countywide voters shows him leading challenger Steve Stenger 57 percent to 20 percent.



Charlie Brennan – Wednesday, April 23rd – Archbishop Robert J. Carlson; Dr. Dennis C. Golden; Mike Shannon

Charlie with Archbishop Robert J. Carlson; with Dr. Dennis C. Golden of Fontbonne University; with STL Cards Broadcaster Mike Shannon; with STL County Councilman Steve Stenger; and with Curtis Sittenfeld, Fontbonne University/Charlie Brennan Show May 2014 book club author selection for her book, Sisterland.


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Dooley Says He Won’t Debate Stenger

St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley says he won’t debate challenger Steve Stenger, unless Stenger releases more income tax returns.


Steve Stenger, county councilman and candidate for county executive.

Steve Stenger Releases Income Tax Returns

In the race for St. Louis County Executive, Steve Stenger has answered the challenge of Charlie Dooley and released his income tax returns.


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Stenger Challenges Dooley for Internal Police Investigation Results

Although Dooley has released the results of his income tax returns, Stenger claims that there is something that he has yet to tell the public.


Charlie Dooley's North County home and Steve Stenger's South County hom (Credit: KMOX Staff)

County Executive Candidates Answer: Where Do You Live?

Where the candidates for county executive live has become an issue in the race, after incumbent Charlie Dooley remarked, “I know where I live.”





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