Stevens Institute of Business & Arts

Booking photo of Sean Johnson

Man Sentenced to 60 Years in Business School Shooting

A St. Louis man convicted in the shooting of a business college administrator is sentenced to 60 years in prison.


Booking photo of Sean Johnson

Man Admits Shooting Financial Aid Director at Stevens Institute

Sean Johnson testified at his trial Tuesday, ignoring the advice of his attorney and telling the jury that he did it.


Sam Dotson, St. Louis Police Chief

Thousands Wanted On Outstanding Warrants In St. Louis

City police say the average number of people arrested on state warrants, including felony and misdemeanor, is about 17 per day.


Sean Johnson

After SIBA Shooting, Fingers Point To ‘Dismantled’ Mental Health System

Far more troubling than one man’s mental instability are the words of St. Louis City Health Director Pam Walker.


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